The new EU Regulation should:

Corner Rise Seamount_web
Deep-sea Spider Crab on Corner Seamount © Les Watling
  • End deep-sea overfishing by ensuring that the catch of all deep-sea species is regulated and that fishing is permitted only if the catch, including that of by-catch species, can be limited to sustainable levels based on a clear scientific understanding of the status of deep-sea stocks and associated precautionary science-based management.
  • Ensure that deep-sea fisheries are managed to minimise and, where possible, eliminate by-catch of non-target species and prevent the catch of the most vulnerable species.
  • Ensure that adverse impacts on vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems, such as corals, sponges, and seamounts, are prevented through appropriate management of all deep-sea fisheries, including the closure of vulnerable areas to deep-sea bottom fishing.
  • Require impact assessments for all deep-sea fisheries.
  • End destructive fishing practices through a phase-out of deep-sea bottom trawling and bottom gill-net fishing.
DSCC UK briefing on reforming deep-sea fishing regulation

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