Richard Branson’s editorial in the Guardian newspaper UK: Deep sea fishing regulations and a crucial European vote

Source: The Guardian

Author: Richard Branson

The fates of some of our oldest and most mysterious natural treasures will hang in the balance tomorrow as members of the European Parliament’s committee on fisheries vote on a future deep-sea fishing regulation for the northeast Atlantic. It is a game-changing moment for the deep ocean. The EU has the world’s biggest deep-sea fishing fleet. If it adopts a strong new deep-sea access regime that protects vulnerable marine creatures and habitats, and stops the horrendous by-catch of more than 100 of non-target species, it will be a turning point in the fight for sustainable fishing and ocean conservation.

The EU can choose to lead the world in preserving the unique, and largely unexplored, wonders of the deep sea. Or it can allow a relatively small number of fishing vessels to continue to crush millennia-old ecosystems with giant nets and steel plates for very little or no profit.

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