Professor Les Watling corrects misinformation for Members of the European Parliament Fisheries Committee

It’s Time to Throw in the Trawl

4 September 2013

Source: Deep Sea News

Author: Dr. M

Les Watling is a professor at the University of Hawaii who is simultaneously one of the leading experts on two very different types of organisms–deep-sea crustaceans and corals.  His work has revealed key information about the ecology and evolution of both of these groups.  His publication and citation rates are so high they make other scientists weep.  Yeah…Les is kind of a science badass.

But today Les propelled himself to Samuel L. Jackson levels of badassery.  At Nature, he attacks, and rightly so, deep-sea trawling in an article titled “Deep-sea trawling must be banned.”  No waffling here.

Not “trawling is bad.”

Not “here are some negative effects of trawling.”

Not “lets reconsider trawling.”

Not “lets hold hands, sing songs, and think about trawling.”

Open the missile silo doors, count to three, turn the double keys, and push the button.

This month, the European Union votes on a proposed ban of deep-sea bottom trawling.  An unprecedented but greatly needed move.  Of course industrial fishing lobbyists are fighting this with everything in their arsenal.

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