International Mobilisation Against Deep-Sea Bottom Trawling on July 14th

On July 14th, European Fisheries Ministers will be meeting at the Council in Brussels. A reform of the EU deep-sea fisheries management regulation, including the ban of deep-sea bottom trawling, was proposed by Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki in July 2012. As trawlers continue to drag their nets, the Fisheries Council drags its feet mainly due to the pressure that countries such as France and Spain have put up to hinder the reform. These industrial fishing nations are now jeopardizing the adoption of the ban in Council.

On that occasion, several renowned street artists will simultaneously produce spectacular pieces of art in several capitals of Europe, calling on Fisheries Ministers and EU governments to take the reform of EU deep-sea fishing seriously and ban deep-sea bottom trawling, which is widely recognized as the most direct threat to the immense reservoir of species and the fragile habitats found in the deep ocean.

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