Intermarché s’engage pour une pêche responsable

Scapêche promotes automated longline fishing. She transformed the “Heliotrope”, a trawler fleet.

19 May 2015 – The / Nicole Buyse

About 150 officials and heads of Intermarché stores fish rays visited yesterday morning in the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer, the “Heliotrope”, a trawler Scapêche transformed into automated longliner which made a stopover in the port of Opal Coast. Armaments Société Centrale des Mousquetaires for fishing, Scapêche, based in Lorient, is the first fresh fish shipowner with 23 vessels France (250 sailors) and 16,000 tonnes of fish landed last year, to a figure of Business 48.4 million in the first sale. It expects 18,000 tonnes this year.

The transformation of the “Heliotrope” accounted for the sea branch of the group an investment of two million euros when a new longliner costs 6 million euros. Longline fishing is practiced with lines filled hooks.   “The boat was completely redesigned with a less powerful engine, a new propulsion, a thinner shell and of course closing the backcourt, baiting ( called boîtage) and launching of the line is fully automated “, explained Sylvain Pruvost, president of  Scapêche.” This allows selective and responsible fisheries. Fish size or quota-off are released alive water “, he has  said.” This is the first French vessel of this size turned into automatic longliner “, said his side Fabien Dulon, CEO the Scapêche.

Family run for six months, including Celtic Sea at a depth of around 200 meters west and Scotland (from 150 to 800 meters) and in the Bay of Biscay, the “Heliotrope” is currently not profitable, said Scapêche, which gives two years for this experiment.   “We would have an additional third of sales to reach break even”, said Sylvain Pruvost.

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