German Celebrities Join Fishlove to end EU Deep-sea Trawling

Fishlove, a campaign consisting of an ever-growing number of actors and well-known personalities who have agreed to be photographed with fish to raise awareness of the plight of the world’s oceans from destructive fishing practices, is coming to Germany.

In a move to focus attention and support German decision-makers to push through crucial reforms of the EU’s deep-sea fisheries regulation , Fishlove has started building a series of photographs of German celebrities. Asli Bayram, Annina Roescheisen and Wolf Kahler are amongst the first Germans to join Sir Ben Kingsley, Sir Richard Branson, Jerry Hall, Gillian Anderson, and others, in having their Fishlove portraits taken.

“Fishlove is one of the few campaigns that is managing to get this important issue into the media,” says actress and former Miss Germany, Asli Bayram.

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