DSCC responds to arguments in the European Parliament Fisheries Committee

Comments on amendments to the Commission’s proposal COM(2012)0371 for a regulation establishing specific conditions for fishing for deep-sea stocks in the Northeast Atlantic 

2nd October 2013

Dear Member of the Fisheries Committee,

We are writing in light of the current debate over compromise amendments to the proposal for the management of deep-sea fishing in the Northeast Atlantic and to respond to a number of the points that have arisen in the debate within the Committee on the status of deep-sea fish stocks and the impact of deep-sea fishing, specifically those referring to the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) framework.

The recently agreed overarching principles for the basic regulation of the Common Fisheries Policy require, among other measures, establishing science-based catch limits, applying the precautionary approach when science is inconclusive, minimizing bycatch, and protecting vulnerable marine species and habitats. The current review of the EU deep-sea access regime provides an opportunity to ensure such principles, as well as the EU’s obligations under United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Resolutions1, are implemented in specific regions of the Northeast Atlantic containing vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs) and with species particularly at risk from overfishing.

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