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BLOOM Launched Action Aimed at French Government During Paris and Lorient “ALTERNATIBA VILLAGES”

The citizen movement “Alternatiba Paris” organized a large event of alternatives on Republic Square during the weekend of September 26-27. Two months before the COP 21, this festival of solutions for the climate attracted around 60,000 people and hundreds of organizations. Dozens of debates, concerts, workshops, and artistic animations were also organized. BLOOM association had […]

Minister Fernand Etgen Welcomes Sea Rose in Luxembourg

Luxembourg urged to lead negotiations to conclusion for new EU regulation on deep-sea fishing As the EU Fisheries Council working group meets today in Brussels to discuss the new EU regulation on deep-sea fishing, representatives of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC), with Sea Rose – a model deep-sea roundnose grenadier fish – met today […]

Minister Jānis Dūklavs Welcomes Sea Rose

Minister Jānis Dūklavs welcomes Sea Rose to support progress on new EU deep-sea regulation May 19, 2015 – Representatives of Pasaules Dabas Fonds, with Sea Rose – a model deep-sea roundnose grenadier fish – met today with Minister Jānis Dūklavs, to call on him to continue the progress Latvia is making shepherding the negotiation of […]

Mar: assim não vamos lá

Portugal deveria ser o paladino da implementação de disposições que efetivamente protejam os ecossistemas marinhos vulneráveis em todo o Nordeste Atlântico. RICARDO SERRÃO SANTOS  via Publico 05/05/2015 Considero-me um privilegiado por ter nascido numa época em que pude usufruir do mar ainda com um sentido de aventura. E por viver numa nova época em que […]

FRAUD – an investigation into deep-sea fishing lobbies

BLOOM’s new documentary, FRAUD – An investigation into deep-sea fishing lobbies, delves deep into French and EU politics to reveal the tactics used by the French trawl lobby to derail a European proposal to ban the most destructive fishing practice in history – deep-sea bottom trawling. The documentary recounts years of struggle between BLOOM and the government-backed […]