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Ong medioambientales piden a cañete que proteja las profundidades marinas.

La Coalición para la Conservación de las Aguas Profundas (DSCC), Ecologistas en Acción, Greenpeace, Oceana y WWF han lanzado una campaña de recogida de firmas para reclamar al ministro de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, Miguel Arias Cañete, que lidere la protección de los ecosistemas marinos de profundidad en las negociaciones que se están llevando a cabo actualmente en Bruselas. La petición […]

The DSCC emailed Fisheries Ministers and a Valentines Card

Noting the deadline for member state comments fell on Valentine’s Day, the Deep-Sea Conservation Coalition, DSCC sent valentine’s cards to ministers through twitter as well as more traditional post, asking them to show some love to the deep sea. Progress in the Council of Ministers working groups however was slow and the team was concerned […]

NGOs welcome commitment byIntermarché’s fleet

Following the controversial outcome of the 10th December European Parliament vote on the phase out of deep-sea bottom trawling, the Intermarché fleet, Scapêche, has “reached out” to NGOs to discuss the group’s deep-sea fishing practices in the northeast Atlantic. Yesterday morning, after several weeks of discussions, Scapêche, BLOOM, a member of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition […]

European Parliament – Voting corrections

10 December 2013 – DSCC statement: Voting corrections show majority in European Parliament support ending destructive deep-sea bottom trawling: English | Spanish | French | German | Italian | Polish | Portuguese

Scientists respond to fishing industry lobby document “The Inconvenient Truth: Sustainable Deep Sea Fishing is Possible.”

Fishing industry lobbyists recently circulated a document in which they made 10 points (“10 Facts on Deep Sea Fishing – all you need to know…”), each of them designed to persuade MEPs that deep sea bottom trawling is a benign and productive activity. However, the document is full of misrepresentations which together present a highly distorted view […]