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Ban deep-sea bottom trawling? It is still possible!

Paris, 19 November 2014 – Today, a gathering orchestrated by BLOOM in collaboration with several NGOs including an international coalition of over 70 organizations – the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition – is taking place in front of a forum in Paris on the theme of “tomorrow’s fisheries”. The message to French Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal […]

DSCC launches deep-sea advert in Germany

Germany, 14 November 2014 – Adverts published in the German press asking Fisheries Minister Schmidt to take a lead in helping secure Europe’s deep seas. The DSCC with many other organisations wrote to Minister Schmidt earlier this year and you can add your voice by tweeting: @bmel Fisheries Minister Schmidt take the lead in protecting […]

DSCC startet Tiefsee-Kampagne in Deutschland

14 November, 2014 – In der deutschen Presse veröffentlichte Anzeigen fordern Fischereiminister Schmidt dazu auf, im Kampf um den Schutz der europäischen Tiefsee eine Führungsrolle zu übernehmen. Die DSCC und viele weitere Organisationen haben sich zu Beginn des Jahres mit einem Schreiben an Bundesminister Schmidt gewandt. Verschaffen auch Sie sich Gehör. Tweeten Sie: @bmel Fischereiminister […]

Oceana denounces Council decision on deep-sea fishing opportunities

11 November 2014 Source: Oceana 63% of catch limits were set above scientific advice Yesterday, the Council of Fisheries Ministers of the European Union reached an agreement on fishing opportunities for deep-sea species for 2015 and 2016. Although catches will be reduced for many deep-sea stocks, Oceana is deeply disappointed that catch limits were nevertheless set higher […]

EU Ministers Allow Continued Overfishing of Deep-Sea Fish Stocks

10 November, 2014 – The European Union’s Council of Fisheries Ministers on Nov. 10 agreed to 2015 and 2016 fishing limits for deep-sea fish stocks that exceed the levels recommended by the scientific advice. In setting the total allowable catches (TACs) for EU vessels, the 28 member state ministers responsible for fisheries also did not follow […]

Ministers blatantly ignore agreement to end deep sea overfishing

10 November 2014 Source: Seas At Risk Brussels, 10th November 2014 – The EU’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council today agreed on deep sea fisheries quotas for 2015 and 2016 that will allow for the continuation of overfishing of these particularly fragile species. By setting the 2015-16 quotas above those recommended by scientists for alfonsinos, red […]

Our oceans stare into the abyss if we don’t back ban on trawling

Scotland, 9 November 2014 – The wildlife is ­thousands of years old, there are species upon species that have not yet been discovered and it is key to the survival of the planet. But environmentalists say our rich undersea habitat is now being destroyed. The deep ocean environment is perhaps the most important and least […]

Unsustainable Fishing – TGR Leonardo

30 October, 2014 The Italian popular science tv show RAI TG Leonardo, presented today a report on the Deep-sea Regulation in the North-East Atlantic currently under negotiations. The shortage explains the adverse impacts of highly destructive bottom fishing practices and why those practises should be phased-out. The new EU regulation, should seek to achieve manage the […]