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EU Decision-Makers Draw a Line Under Deep-Sea Bottom Trawling

BRUSSELS—Conservation organisations are welcoming the agreement reached on 30 June by the European Parliament, Council of Ministers, and European Commission on key provisions for a new European Union (EU) regulation on deep-sea fishing that includes a ban on bottom trawling below 800 metres and would close areas where vulnerable marine ecosystems are known or likely […]

Deep Atlantic: Scientists launch ocean mission

Source: BBC News  British scientists are leading a mission to reveal the secrets of the deep Atlantic Ocean. Launching this week, the Atlas project – involving 24 research institutions around Europe and North America – will spend four years studying the deep sea, exploring unknown ecosystems and measuring the changing ocean currents that impact on […]

Nederland kan verbod diepzeevissen laatste zetje geven

NGO’s waarschuwen EU voor verwoestende gevolgen sleepnetten in de diepzee Nederland kan deze week als EU-voorzitter het beslissende zetje geven om het diepzeevissen met sleepnetten beneden een diepte van 800 meter te verbieden in Europese wateren. Volgens milieu- en natuurorganisaties, verenigd in de Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC), is het verbod van groot belang om […]

Intermarché Group Announces Phasing Out All Deep-Sea Bottom Trawling And Sales of Deep-sea Fish by 2025

HATS OFF! The giant retail group “Les Mousquetaires” (owner of Intermarché, Netto, Bricomarché brands etc.) announced earlier today that its fishing fleet, “Scapêche”, an important player in deep-sea fishing in Europe, will progressively phase out fishing for deep-sea species, as well as the sale of deep-sea fish in its supermarkets by 2025. The group also announced […]

New Study – What a Drag: The Global Impact of Bottom Trawling

Recent scientific work outlines the severe consequences the practice of bottom trawling has on loose sediment on the ocean floor. Bottom trawling is a widespread industrial fishing practice that involves dragging heavy nets, large metal doors and chains over the seafloor to catch fish. Although previous studies documented the direct impacts of bottom trawling on […]

Joint Letter To: Representatives of the European Parliament, Council, and Commission

To: Representatives of the European Parliament, Council, and Commission Re: Priorities for trilogue negotiations on a regulation for deep-sea fishing in the northeast Atlantic We welcome recent progress towards agreeing a regulation to protect a uniquely vulnerable environment, three years after the European Commission issued its proposal and nearly two years since the European Parliament’s […]

Keeping A Healthy Deep Sea Helps Mitigate Climate Change

During current negotiations at the UN Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris, citizens, politicians and NGOs are wondering whether the outcome of this conference will serve to better protect the oceans in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. The oceans create and sustain life, while playing a crucial role in regulating the Earth’s climate. […]