European Parliament bans trawling below 800m in EU waters

Source: #DeepSeaFishing The European Parliament today (13 December) approved a Regulation establishing new rules for fishing in the North-East Atlantic, including ALDE’s support for a total ban of bottom trawling below 800 meters in EU waters. The lack of a proper regulation and the development of industrial fisheries in the EU during the last decades […]

Conservationists urge full implementation of new EU regulation on deep-sea fishing formally adopted today

The European Parliament today concluded a long process of negotiation by voting to adopt a new regulation on deep-sea fishing, including a ban on bottom trawling below 800 meters in EU waters, and an obligation to close deep-sea areas to bottom fishing to protect vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs). The Parliament vote to approve the regulation […]

Licence to trawl at-risk species

Source: The Sunday Times The government has been criticised for agreeing to allow trawlers to target an endangered deep-sea fish off the west coast. The roundnose grenadier was listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature in its first red list of European marine fish species, published last year. Under an agreement […]

The Allowable Catch of Endangered Deep-sea Species Must Be Zero, say conservationists

Marine conservation experts call on the European Council of Fisheries Ministers to prohibit fishing for endangered deep-sea species. The Council will meet on 14-15 November to decide on Total Allowable Catches (TACs) and quotas for deep-sea fishing in the North-East Atlantic*. Two species of deep-sea fish – roundnose grenadier and blue ling – have been […]

Defending the deep: the new EU deep-sea bottom trawling ban

Source: Virgin Unite Author: Claire Nouvian Hundreds of thousands of citizens, who added their voices to a hard-fought campaign to end one of the most absurd and abominable of all fishing practices, can finally celebrate a major peoples’ victory: the European Parliament, Council and Commission have agreed to a ban on deep-sea bottom trawling. The […]

Footage captured by underwater robots reveals what deep-sea life is like more than half a mile beneath the surface

Source: Daily Mail Advanced robotic technology has allowed researchers to capture unprecedented footage of marine life surrounding the UK’s tallest underwater mountains. The remarkable clips reveal a never-before-seen view of deep-sea creatures, including coral, monkfish, and many previously unknown species. Robots obtained high-definition videos from four seamounts in the North East Atlantic Ocean, and have […]